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        Case Customer Service 快速、貼心、無微不致

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        我們的優勢 Our Advantages 獨一無二的設計,無微不至的服務,經得起考驗的質量

        Our Products

        All machines owned by VED will be serviced and replenished by our friendly staff. We will ensure the quality and hygiene of the machine as our top priority.We offer wide choice of refreshment products. Unlike many other providers that are also major food/drink manufacturers, we offer refreshments that cut across popular brands, so that you are not bound to the refreshments of any one manufacturer or brand.

        Our Philosophy

        Whether you are a small business or a large corporation, our commitment is the same:1. Provide all the quality products your employees desire.2. Establish and maintain a friendly professional relationship.3. MOST IMPORTANTLY keep your machines full, clean and in proper working order. 4. Convenience for you, your employees and your Customers.

        Our Service

        You just need to provide the space and utility points and we take care of the rest. We install, maintain, replenish and collect sales proceeds from the vending equipment. Depending on the situation and your needs, you could subsidize consumption wholly or in part, or be paid a location fee.

        Product Products 國內一流的優質產品推薦給您

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        Contact Us About US 誠以載道,以信立本,合作共贏

        “VED”vending machine is leading provider of interactive vending and automated retail solutions in Shandong, China. “VED” is the main product series of Zibo Dingli Machinery Manufacture Co., Ltd. (ZDMM) . |  MORE INFO →

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